Fashion industry is destructive

Fast fashion is ingrained in us. We like cheap clothes, and will always be enticed by a £10 pair of jeans and £3 t-shirt. Each season there are new and on-trend affordable items in PRIMARK, Forever 21 and H&M. Topshop has a never ending range of young, cool clothes without the designer price tag. It’s […]

On single-sex education

Queen Elizabeth Hospital School has said it will admit girls into the Sixth Form. This is a great step in the right direction by a school which was founded in 1590 and until now has been exclusively for males. It is the last all-boys school in Bristol and that’s a positive thing. Single-sex education is […]

Students can help the refugee crisis

In the media we hear about people- men, women, children and babies drowning as they make the perilous journey from Turkey to the Greek islands to escape the war in Syria. We hear how hundreds die from suffocation, attempting in desperation to find a better life, in the back of greedy, twisted money-grabbing drivers’ lorries. […]

Addiction is an illness

  The issue of homelessness is widespread, and it can affect anyone. It needs tackling, and we need to treat people living on the streets with humanity and care. Over the holidays I volunteered for Crisis at Christmas, and meeting real people-funny, kind and mischievous, in spite of the fact that they have no bed, […]